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by Meagan Larmant

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For Foodies

Granville Island Master Chocolatier Tour

Vancouver, BC, Canada • 2.5 hours

Granville Island Master Chocolatier Tour - Kasama

Are you curious about where chocolate comes from and how it’s made?

Do you want to taste the finest bean-to-bar chocolate made from single-origin cacao beans?

Then, this Airbnb Experiences certified walking tour is for you! Meagan will take you on an artisan chocolate and pastry-tasting adventure of Granville Island. A journey through 6 different artisanal vendors; learning about local chocolate production and tasting your way through the flavours of the Pacific Northwest.

For professional pastry chefs

Mastering the Art of Flavouring Chocolate


Method Chocolate School: Mastering the Art of Flavouring Chocolate

Are you longing to feel confident working with chocolate?

Do you want to create chocolate with incredible flavour that WOW your customers?

If you’re a new pastry chef or novice baker looking to move into chocolate making, BUT
☑️ don’t know where to start
☑️ feel FEARFUL or AFRAID of messing up when working with chocolate
☑️ feel like they don’t have any skills
☑️ knows they can make it happen but wants expert advice from someone who’s done it before
In this all encompassing course i’ll show you a step-by-step game plan to overcome this! 😉

Meet Meagan

Meagan Larmant, Master Chocolatier and Founder of Method Chocolate
Meagan Larmant is the founder and Master Chocolatier behind Method Chocolate—a Vancouver-born artisanal chocolate brand that is all about making chocolate with INCREDIBLE flavour pairings. Flavour that is inspired by the ebb and flow of the seasons.

She creates flavour-focused chocolate masterpieces, sourcing inspiration from all across the globe: from BC pine pollen and Egyptian chamomile to Japanese shiso and Peruvian mountain coffee—her mastery of flavour will blow your mind! 

She draws from 15yrs of culinary and pastry training at the highest level.

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