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About Meagan

Megs is on a mission to help pastry chefs FIND their INNER CONFIDENCE when working with chocolate.

A chef on a constant journey

Meagan Larmant is a chef on a constant journey of knowledge and understanding for all things chocolate.

Meagan Larmant is a chef on a constant journey for knowledge and understanding for all things chocolate.

She started her culinary career in the countryside of Ontario, Canada, and finished her degree in Strasbourg, France.

Pastry and chocolate were the last things on her mind!

Wanting to one day run her own kitchen, a heart condition from birth stood in her way and forced her to change her focus from savoury to sweet.

It was her Pastry Chef from Quebec that introduced her to fine chocolate work and the obsession began.

Becoming the mentor she never had

Megs found it difficult to find mentors in the chocolate industry, so she set out to learn for herself.

Meagan Larmant, Master Chocolatier and Founder of Method Chocolate

A Thirst For Knowledge

She began to travel and self-educate on everything chocolate. She started working at hole-in-the-wall cafes—basically anywhere that would hire an inexperienced chef!


Michelin-starred experience

With perseverance she continued on and gained a wealth of experience at Michelin-starred and World’s Top-100 rated restaurants across the globe.


A Worldwide Culinary Perspective

Her thirst for knowledge took her to Australia, Denmark, Peru, and across Canada. She sought out anyone who was willing to teach her about chocolate.


Master Chocolatier

She spent years being on the road. Eventually, she settled in Vancouver, Canada, to train under Master Chocolatier, Celebrity Chef and Food Network Host Steven Hodge to refine her skills as a chocolatier.

A Chef’s mindset to flavouring chocolate

Now, Meagan is taking a chef’s approach to flavoring chocolate.

She teaches pastry chefs like you to use these techniques and concepts to make powerful flavours using chocolate. Flavours that are uniquely YOU!

Her methods are famous for making chocolates that don’t rely on sweetness for flavour.

Instead, the complexities of the chocolate itself is coaxed to work cohesively with incredible flavour combinations.

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Method Chocolate - Meagan teaches a chef's approach to flavouring chocolate.

A New Way to Think: The Method Chocolate Approach

Meagan’s approach to teaching chocolate takes away the fear and gives you the foundational knowledge to work confidently with chocolate. Most importantly, you develop the mindset and principle-based building blocks to grow creatively with TASTE! 

Getting you well on your way to adopting a Master Chef’s approach to FLAVOUR.

Now It’s Your Turn

Begin your journey to unearthing your inner confidence with chocolate!

Method Chocolate School: Mastering the Art of Flavouring Chocolate